Connection to V8TE

Create an account

To create a login/password without using the autoconnect buttons "Google or LinkedIn", you just have to click on "Try it for free" and then enter the email address you want to use and set your password, you also have to check the box "I have read and accept the Terms & Conditions".

Attention your password must contain at least 8 characters including at least 3 elements among: upper case, lower case, numbers, special characters

Once your account has been created, it is necessary to go to your e-mail box to activate your account. After the activation of your account, you are automatically redirected to the login page. 


processus d'insccription à V8TE

Existing account.

You already have your access, you just have to click on "Connect" and to enter the email address which serves as your login and to enter the associated password. This information was provided to you by V8TE at the time of your payment (before 02/14/2021)

Create an account via autoconnect, Google or LinkeIn.

To create your access via the Google or LinkedIn buttons in autoconnect, you just have to choose the one you want and fill in the email and password that you use to connect to the chosen service. 

Attention : you must check your mailbox to click on the verification link that was sent to you. This is the email where you will receive the voting results emails after each ballot closes.

New poll.

Create a test poll.

Just click on "New ballot" from your dashboard and set up your ballot.

As a reminder, a poll in the free version can only be done on a maximum of 10 voters (Excel file or quick invitations).

For a test ballot, the SMS option is included, so you can choose the invitation mode "E-mail + SMS" or "E-mail and Enhanced Security".

Important : once the poll is started, it cannot be modified or deleted.

If you have a problem, please contact support:
You can also consult the "Tutorials (fr)" section

Save a poll.

This feature is not yet available.
If you do not run the poll, your settings will be lost.

Poll "scheduled vote" / poll  "vote live"  

A "vote live"
is launched and closed manually, the results are available a few moments after the closing.

You can run multiple resolutions or elections back-to-back on the same poll. The invitation to vote containing the unique voting link will be used to vote on all resolutions or elections on the same poll.

A "scheduled vote" can be set for a period of a few days to several weeks. You just have to set the start date and time and the end date and time. For this type of poll, the poll opens and closes automatically, invitations to vote are sent a few moments after the opening of the poll. Even if the participation rate is 100% before the defined closing date, the poll cannot be closed and the consultation of the results cannot be anticipated.

The results are available and are sent by email a few moments after the end of the event.

If you have a problem, please contact support:
You can also consult the "Tutorials (fr)" section

File “model officiel - Liste import V8TE”


The "pondération" column is mandatory. It defaults to 1, the box cannot be empty. A voter having a power of several votes must have in this box the value of his power.

Example: a voter with a power of 3 must have the number 3 in his "pondération" box, his vote choice (Yes/Against/Abstain) will then count 3 times.

To help you, you can consult the PDF file which is downloaded at the same time as the file or our tutorial.

Phone number

The input is OPTIONAL.

SMS are included in the free offer and included, in option for the "association" offers and included in the "companies" offers. Without number for a voter the box must remain empty (except in reinforced security where each voter must have a phone number filled in). You must enter a mobile number (French or international) in the V8TE nomenclature.

This one being: Country code without the "+" or the "0" followed by the phone number without the first 0.

Ex: for a French number becomes 33611213141 or 07 99 88 77 66 becomes 33799887766.

To help you, you can consult the PDF file which is downloaded at the same time as the file or our tutorial.

Criteria “oui/non” of the voting column.

The input is MANDATORY.

The platform relies on the "OUI" or "NON" criteria in this box to send the invitation.

« OUI » the invitation is sent.
« NON » the person is the file but does not receive the invitation.

This "Yes" criteria in the "Voter" column, on which the platform relies to send the invitation to vote, allows you to enter on a single file all your members, adherents or others and according to the event to adjust it at the time of the vote.

To help you, you can consult the PDF file which is downloaded at the same time as the file or our tutorial.

Zoom and Jitsi video conferencing tool

Connect Zoom

To connect ZOOM, no settings are made on V8TE.
You need to create a meeting on the ZOOM website, then you just need to give the voters the ID and password of this meeting.
Once on the voting path, they will have to click on the ZOOM icon and enter the meeting information.

Attention :
the ID must be entered without spaces. 

To help you, you can also view our tutorial.

Connect Jitsi

To connect JITSI, no settings are made on V8TE.
You have to create a meeting from the JITSI site, then you have to communicate the name of the meeting to the voters.
Then you just have to enter the name of the meeting and click on " START THE CONFERENCE ". 

To help you, you can also view our tutorial.

Modification / Deletion of polls.

Modify a poll.

Once the poll is started, it cannot be changed.
This feature is not available.

Delete a poll.

On a scheduled vote, a ballot can be deleted before its start date, just click on "I delete" from the dashboard and confirm your deletion. 

Voting course.

Email not received The invitation email may take some time to arrive, we are dependent on the network, email traffic and mail servers.
You can ask the voter to check his "junk mail" or "spam" folder or even "promotions" for gmail for example. 

To vote.

There are two steps when voting.
1 - you choose your answer and click on "confirm", your choice appears with the corresponding symbol.
2 - you must then click on "Final vote". "Fibal vote" represents the deposit of your vote in the ballot box.

Your vote is taken into account only when the page displays "voted".

validation du vote sur V8TE

During the vote, the participation rate is displayed and updated when you refresh the page, it is also visible to the voters at the time of their vote.
In "show of hands" mode, you can also view the list of non-voters, so you can re-launch the people concerned.
In "secret ballot" mode, only the participation rate is of course available.

Questions and answers.

Can I prepare my poll in advance?

For a programmed poll, the answer is YES.
It will open automatically at the day and time defined, but once programmed you can not change it. Only the deletion of the poll is available for the moment.

For a "vote live", the answer is NO.
The "draft " feature is not yet available, we are working on it to offer it soon.

My Excel file does not import. 

You need to check 2 points:
- The email address of each voter is mandatory.
- The "Oui/Non" criteria of the voter column is mandatory.

Neither of these two boxes can be empty for each person entered in the file.

Is it possible to have a show of hands and a secret ballot on the same poll?

The "show of hands" or "secret ballot" mode is chosen for the whole ballot whether you have one or more resolutions, one or more elections.
You cannot have a resolution voted on the same poll by a show of hands and the following one by secret ballot. 

If you have this case of voting: some resolutions by show of hands and others by secret ballot, you will have to create two separate polls.

Is it possible to have a resolution and an election on the same poll?

No, this is not possible, you cannot have one or more resolutions followed by an election for example on the same poll.
You will have to create a poll for the resolution(s) and then a poll for the election. 
A poll cannot be mixed.

E-mail + SMS invitation, is voting twice possible? 

If you have activated the SMS option, the invitation to vote will be sent twice: by e-mail and by SMS.

However, those receiving the invitations will not be able to voting only once. Indeed, the same invitation (containing a unique voting token) is sent on 2 different channels.

How to get the voting results?

As soon as a poll is closed, the results are automatically calculated and sent by email to the person administering the poll.
This mail contains two Excel files: Results and Voters, the first one being the result file and the second one corresponding to the voters list. These two files are also available for download from the platform. 

fichiers à télécharger

Subscribe to an offer.

Choose an offer.

You can choose your offer and pay directly online by credit card on the day of your event or in anticipation of it.
You just have to click on the button "I choose my offer" from your dashboard and pay online.

Once the payment is done, a confirmation message is displayed and your license is associated to your account.
You can view it in the top banner of your space.
You can then either launch your ballot or log out and come back to set it up the day of your event.

Your license will begin immediately after the launch of your first poll. 

If you wish specific options (pack sms, certification by bailiff, accompaniment...) you have three possibilities:
- Fill in and send the form from our website.
- Send your request to
- Call +

Attention : Once you have purchased your license, you can continue to do unlimited testing on a MAXIMUM of 10 voters, but uploading a file with 12 voters for testing will trigger your license.