Our history

The milestones of our start-up

JUNE 2022

Blockchain + European conformity

V8TE becomes the first actor in France and in Europe to offer a Blockchain voting solution certified in accordance with French and European law.


Release of V8TE, 100% self-service

In March 2021, we went live with the 100% self-service version of V8TE. Our customers register, create, launch ballots and pay online, being 100% autonomous.

MArCH 2020

Test of our MVP

Our first ballot, launched in the middle of the pandemic, had 25 people voting for 10 days. At that time, there was no live voting, no SMS invitations, no multi-nominal voting... But the V8TE adventure was starting.

1st HALF 2022

4 000 clients B2B sur plus 80 pays

V8TE is officially used in 80 countries and by more than 4,000 B2B organizations worldwide, becoming the world's first secure, 100% self-service online voting platform.

NovembER 2020

Launch of V8TE.com

After several months of "test and learn" on the product, the offer and the strategy, we decided to market V8TE to associations and companies.


The values that build everything we offer.


What makes a service adopted... is that it is adapted. Adapted to its customers, to its use and to its time. With V8TE, we simplify the organisation of your ballots and preserve your precious time.


We are convinced that trust is proportionate to transparency. That's why our technology, our product and our team place a high value on transparency.

User experience

In the age of 100% digital and multi-consumption of new digital services, V8TE offers the simplest and most amazing experience of online voting services.


Our purpose is to bring a voting service to as many people as possible, in all countries, economically and ecologically responsible, offering an irreproachable usability and ethics.

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