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The first decentralized transparent ballot box


V8TE has achieved European compliance in accordance with the requirements of the Council of Europe for its secure online voting product. During this certification, V8TE validated level 3, the highest level of security and protection that can be achieved for an online voting solution in Europe and GDPR compliant.


Thanks to the Blockchain technology (Ethereum), V8TE has succeeded in decentralizing the information and the trust of the voting process, in order to make each voter and observer of the vote sovereign. V8TE becomes the first transparent digital ballot box that complies with the security requirements of the Council of Europe.


The voting experience is done from any device. Once the invitation is received by email, the voter can vote from any device: smartphone, tablet or computer.


Whether it's a technical question, business assistance, or legal advice, our customers can rely on our AI technology to provide superior service, available 24/7.

Our product is totally aligned with your budget.

Whether it is for a single need, a packaged offer or an annual subscription, V8TE proposes unlimited offers and the more affordable on the market.


The security of your ballot:
our responsibility.

Our patented technology meets the highest safety requirements. We do not compromise with your safety and the quality of our product.

Certification by Bailiff
Patented encryption technology
Audited by Orange Cybersecurity
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“A master stroke”

In addition to the approval of the "moral and financial" reports and of some resolutions immediately submitted to our members, the election of our Board of Directors required a secure solution, preserving the anonymity of the voters and allowing them to vote in the best possible conditions. We decided to call on V8TE, which perfectly met our expectations and needs. And our first attempt was a master stroke...

Philippe Lafon
CEO of the National Union of Professional Soccer Players

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As we often say, V8TE's success only makes sense if our product solves our customers' real problems.
Here are some of the clients that we have been able to convince and that we are happy to accompany in their online voting projects.

Optimal support

Easy to use, with an intuitive interface, with optimal support that has adapted to our association. Our general meeting was held in a secure environment that met our requirements. Our 26,000 members were able to take part in the votes with ease. V8TE has set up an online voting tool

Aurore Bonnefoi
"Agir pour l'environnement" Association

Our customers have voted for the solution

V8TE allows us to reinforce our customer promise with a highly differentiating solution that meets regular needs for voting with probative value, particularly for general meetings of institutions, associations and federations or decision-making committees. Since its launch, our customers have widely acclaimed the solution, particularly for its functional level and ease of use. We are counting on its availability to help us continue our commercial development in this very promising market.

Bertrand Rojat
head of marketing and innovation, Orange
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V8TE is the only "Freemium" solution on the market. That is to say that you can use the entire service, without exception and in an unlimited manner, for up to 10 people invited to vote.

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